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Color: BLUE
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Size Guide

  • Features

    Ultra-lite weight materials to ensure maximum comfort

    Soft and flexible non-slip soles ensuring natural foot development

    Soft and cushioned built-in insole for superior comfort

    Beautifully made for your little one's adventures

    Easy to clean and odour resistant

    Wide toe-box to accommodate even the chubbiest of toes

    High level of stretchability making for easy put-on

  • Size Guide

    UK3/US4 6-9 Months 12.0cm / 4.75in 5.65cm / 2.22in
    UK4/US5 9-12 Months 12.5cm / 4.90in 5.78cm / 2.27in
    UK5/US6 12-18 Months 13.0cm / 5.30in 5.91cm / 2.23in
    UK6/US7 18-24 Months 14.0cm / 5.50in 6.17cm / 2.42in
    UK7/US8 2-2.5 Years 15.0cm / 5.90in 6.43cm / 2.53in
    UK8/US9 2.5-3 Years 16.0cm / 6.30in 6.69cm / 2.63in
    UK9/US10 4 Years 17.0cm / 6.70in 6.95cm / 2.73in
    UK10/US11 4-5 Years 17.5cm / 6.90in 7.08cm / 2.78in
    UK11/US12 5-6 Years 18.5cm / 7.20in 7.34cm / 2.88in
    UK12/US13 6-7 Years 19.5cm / 7.70in 7.60cm / 2.99in