Quality Footwear for Children since 1996

Shooshoos™ are not just shoes. They're custodians of first memories, protectors of knees and toes, liberators and fun-enablers, and they are there at every stage of one of the greatest adventures your little one will know: childhood.

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  • Keeping Baby Feet Happy and Healthy

    Few people know that a growing baby's feet are made mostly of cartilage(yes, like your nose and ears!) so it's important for the soles of their shoes to be soft, flexible and accommodating to feet that are on a mission to grow big and strong.

    Another thing first-time parents learn very quickly is that, well, baby feet sweat. A lot. Every pair of Shooshoos is designed with a supple sole and eco-friendly breathable leather to keep your little one's feet safe, dry and comfortable.

  • Where We Dig In Our Heels

    We have strict no-nasties policy here at Shooshoos, meaning our leathers are free of harmful or toxic substances, are earth-friendly, and are gentle on growing feet, knees and toes. Our shoemakers are masters of balancing podiatric and pediatric needs with dreamy designs, and all our shoes are 100% guaranteed.